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Transit Times ยป Preparation for Transport

Preparation for Transport

Vessel Transportation and Preparation

Preparing your boat for transport is very important, here below are a few tips to ensure a speedy collection by us, and also that your boat travels safely. As a rule, prepare the boat as if you were towing it on a long journey and always keep safety in mind.

Please ensure that the vessel is prepared for transport prior to us arriving. We simply want to arrive, inspect, collect and leave. We want your vessel to arrive in the same condition as when we collected it. The same applies if you are dropping off to the depot.

The vessel must be made available from the street front of the property we are collecting from and when we deliver it will be dropped at the street front also.

The vessel needs to be secured to the trailer as if you were towing it on the public highway with your own vehicle. Ensure tyres are correctly inflated. The trailer needs to be in a roadworthy condition unless you have opted for a depot to depot service. We may choose to use additional straps if we feel it necessary.

The motor must be secured either in an upright or lowered position and the transom be in good order. We may need to raise or lower the motor during transit depending on where your vessel is positioned on our truck.

Most vessels are transported on an open flatbed truck or trailer and may be towed locally from pick up/delivery point to or from our local depot. It is essential that trailers are in a roadworthy condition for this service.

The use of traps / covers is not recommended as it may damage your vessel during transit and if it comes loose may damage other freight that we are carrying. Tarps and covers that are left on vessels will invalid any warranty that we may offer and the vessel will travel at your own risk. We will not be responsible for damages. We may choose to remove tarps / covers, without notice, if we deem it to be unsafe for transport.

All Bimini’s or canopies must be lowered and secured or removed if possible. Once in the lowered position they must be secured for transport. Frames must also be lowered if they are not in a fixed position.

The interior MUST be made secure for transport. We are not authorised to inspect the interior or contents of the vessel and we will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by unsecured items on the vessel. Any items secured in the boat travel at the owner’s risk. Any attachments to the vessel must be secured for transport.

We recommend the removal of tarps, covers, mats, life jackets, safety gear, rods or any other loose items on the boat. If you choose to leave these items on at your own risk then they must be stowed in lockable compartments. All hatches and doors must be closed and locked if possible.

All vessels and trailers in and out of WA will require a quarrantine inspection. You must make sure that the boat and trailer are cleaned prior to collection or drop off to our depots, and ensure they are free from dust and debris. Failing to do this may result in quarratine cleaning the vessel / trailer and charges will need to be paid by the customer prior to transport.

Remove all flammable materials as well as any DG related items from the vessel.

We must be informed of any issues or existing damage at the quote/booking stage.

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