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Measuring Your Boat

Measuring your boat for a quote

Supplying the correct information for us to give an accurate quote is crucial. Like all Companies we charge on the space taken up on our trailers by the equipment that we transport. It has nothing to do with the value of your boat, merely the space utilised and the type of equipment we have to use to transport different shapes and sizes.

The total length, width & height are all important and slight variations may effect the price dramatically. 

Please ensure you supply the dimensions of the piece of equipment, usually the trailer, that supports and carries the boat. A lot of people make the mistake of supplying the dimensions of the boat and then are disappointed when they get a price that is far from true. Trailers come in all shapes and sizes, some home made and some manufactured so please do not expect us to make assumptions.

Our trailers that carry your boat can only carry up to 250cm wide without permits and / or pilot escorts. Generally all trailers are manufactured under this specification for this reason. If your measurement is wider than 250cm please check before requesting a quote as the prices may be thousands of dollars different.

Examples of how to measure

In this example we would require the following:

Length 714cm - Width 220cm - Height 261cm

With this example where the mast sticks out further than the end of the trailer, the length you need to measure will be from the tow ball to the end of the mast that sticks out past the end of the boat.

The point to measure in this picture would be the widest point being the outside of the two while poles.

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